Log-urbis is a built environment design practice that integrates urban planning and design, architecture, landscape, interior and furniture design. We study and design an architecture in its broadest sense.

At the heart of our work is a commitment to planning and design that increases the quality of life and adds long-term values to individuals and to community as well to a natural environment. We believe that long-term values of architecture can be achieved only with comprehensive approach towards creative and functional design and spacial, cultural, social, climatic and natural context followed by environment protection and economic efficiency. We  emphasize the significance of architecture and landscape integration and a harmony with a nature. It is also relevant to respect a heritage and a spirit of the place, but underline the present identity and furthermore, taking care about the future. For a quality of life an intimate shelter is needed as well as open and wide common areas. Nevertheless, an inspiring atmosphere and the experience are important as well. In brief, we stand for architecture which nowadays is called sustainable in every way.

Our work is based on a holistic, contextual, process-oriented and personal approach to each project. In an open design process we lead each client through studying, planning and design to a last detail in constant interaction with contextual components towards a sustainable, specific local and individual solutions.